Kids Schedule

After School Enrichment Program

Oakland Location Only

Our program does not require participation in classes and is available

for K-5th grade students.

                  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays        3:00-5:45

              Wednesdays & additional early out days          1:30-5:45

Transportation provided from the following schools:

Redwood Heights Elementary School

Crocker Highlands Elementary School

We strike a balance between a nurturing relaxed experience

kids may have at home,

an academic learning community like at school,

and camp-like fun found during the summer.


   The three hours between school letting out and family time can either            revitalize and stimulate children or drain and frustrate them. Our program, created and run by a veteran teacher, is designed to make the most out of these afternoon hours.


         • A unique alternative to larger programs

         • Highly engaged staff with an eye for meeting the social/emotional

           needs of kids

         • Weekly craft projects

         • Staff ratio of 1/6 students

         • Homework help by credentialed teachers

         • Free time in our gymnastic room

         • Fruit, cheese, juice, and other snacks offered daily

         • 50% off of dance, theater, and gymnastic classes during registered days

         • Free van transportation from Redwood Heights Elementary School &

           Crocker Highlands School


Interested in registering?

Email or call us to inquire about availability.

We have rolling admissions as space allows.




Take a peak at how

we spend our time!

We have:

Down time -

Literally, kids have a chance to lie down and relax in our living room on the couch, rug, or bean bags.  It is a comfortable place to hang out with legos, read, or play games with staff and friends.


Community time -

This is built into everything we do. Whether in the van on the way to the studio, over snack, while doing crafts, playing air hockey & Wii or in our gym room, everybody has a chance to check in about challenges and triumphs of their day.  These are times when team-building and bonding is encouraged through guided activities and shared celebrations.  Everything from mastering the monkey bars to acing a test gets “air-time.”


Academic time -

When you enroll in our program we check in with you about your child’s specific academic strengths and weaknesses so we know how best to support them with homework completion.  We partner with you to arrange how much time should be spent on work and which assignments have priority.  The program director, Marielle Cammarata, veteran elementary teacher of 11 years, or Jade Rivera, Montessori certified teacher with expertise in teaching gifted and special needs learners, help with homework completion. Sometimes students sit down to work at the same time, sometimes work is individualized.  We respond to the needs of those in our program.

Craft time -

Weekly projects are a highlight of our program. Students have less and less time at school to be creative and our projects are varied enough to capture most everyone’s interests. Japanese paper marbling, needle felting, tie-dying, candy making, sewing hats with our sewing machine are just a few favorites. Students have free access to crafting supplies to follow their own inspiration as well.



Gym Room / Outside Time-

Our kids have access to our amazing gym room at least one hour a day and many days it is available all afternoon.  Aerial silks, rope swings, elastic hammocks and more are available to burn energy and have fun with friends.  When the gym room isn’t available, we often go outside to play on our play structure.


Pretend Time -

We have a pretend play are that  ALL ages enjoy.  It is not uncommon to find a 5th grader playing store with a kindergardener.  We have a play store and kitchen, American Girl Dolls, pet shops, horses and doll houses. 


Dance, Gymnastics & Theater Class Time -

Those in our program have the option to participate in Kids ‘N Dance and Theater Arts’ award winning classes at 50% off.  Staff walks them to their class and afterwards they return to pick up where they left off with friends. We invite you too look at the variety of classes posted on our on-line schedule.



Added Details to Consider:



  • One two hour free trial
  • Two Sessions: Aug-Dec and Jan-June
  • Flexible Scheduling :   You may register from 1-5 days a week. 

Fee Structure

  • No Registration Fee!
  • No Transportation Fee! We only pick up fromRedwood Heights and Crocker. Discount is available if you need to arrange your own transportation
  • Fees are per day, pick-up depends on time of dismissal
  • Payment is required for all days you are registered, whether absent or not
  • Payments are made by the first of the month
  • Deposit required equal to one month’s fees is applied to the last month of the session, so long as the session is completed
  • 25% sibling discount



Regular Days:

 1 day/week         $33/day

 2 days/week       $31/day

 3 days/week       $28/day

     4 days/week       $25/day    

5 days/week       $22/day


 Early Out Days: (Wednesday 1:30 dismissal)

 1 day/week         $51/day

 2 days/week       $48/day

 3 days/week       $43/day

     4 days/week       $38/day    

5 days/week       $33/day






Jasper always loves his time at Kids Dance. You and the rest of the staff are always so supportive and nurturing to the kids. We are so thankful for all you do.”
- Jim McSilver (Crocker Parent)

“Thank you to you and the staff. As always our girls had a wonderful time at Kids N'Dance, felt continually loved and cared for, never wanted to leave when I picked them up... If they ever run away I know where to look. As you know, I can never say enough good things about the program and all of you. Thanks for taking such good care of our children!”
- Nilofer Ahsan (Crocker Parent)

“We are so sad to have moved because there is no other afterschool program that comes close to what you guys offer. We miss you!”
-Judy Randal (former RHS parent)

“Thank YOU and the amazing team at KnD for a fabulous year!!!”
- Carrie Buckner (Crocker Parent)

“I think both she and I are so "in love" with the entire Team at Kids and Dance. I wish there was an award that I could nominate you for. A boutique service done so well because you all care so much for what you do, it shows in every way such as your impeccable attention to the personalities and development of our little precious ones. When I have a difficult day and have the pleasure of picking Christina up, my heart smiles.”
-Lisa Blakely (RHS Parent)


3369 Mt. Diablo, Lafayette, CA 94549
Lafayette Studio (925) 284-7388

3840 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland, Ca 94619
Oakland Studio (510) 531-4400


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