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Our program provides...

Dance,  Gymnastics, musical theater, and so much more!

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We strike a balance between a nurturing, relaxed atmosphere kids may experience at home, an academic learning community found at school, and camp-like fun found during the summer.



• A unique alternative to

    large programs 


• Community is fostered with

    enrollment limited to

    12 children grades K-5

• Run by hands-on veteran teacher

• Free safe transportation

• Flexible Scheduling



After School Enrichment 


The three hours between school letting out and family time can either revitalize and stimulate children or drain and frustrate them. Our program, created and run by a veteran teacher, is designed to make the most out of these afternoon hours.



All activities fit into one of the following categories:





Literally, kids have a chance to lie down on comfy beanbag chairs, relax, and chat while

enjoying a provided, nutritious snack. 




The icing on the cake of our program- children have the option to participate in Kids ‘N Dance and Theater Arts’ award winning classes.  These classes are offered at discounted rates for after school enrichment students. Sessions conclude with stage performances at the end of the term.







Everybody has a chance to check in about challenges and triumphs of their day as well as review homework that needs to be completed.  This is also a time where team-building and bonding is encouraged through guided activities and shared celebrations.  Everything from mastering the monkey bars to acing a test gets “air-time.”




This is quiet time to work on current or long-term homework. Marielle, the Enrichment Director and a veteran teacher of eleven years, actively circulates to support and enhance understanding.  Students who finish early have the option to buddy up and help another student read a book from our library, or work on a project-related to the science, art, or social studies theme of the month. 





Activities range from entertaining and energizing group games, to free time on gymnastic equipment, board games, art project time, and field trips to local parks.






Fee Structure

  • No Registration Fee!
  • No Transportation Fee!

Options Available:       

  • One month trial option
  • Three month sessions
  • Flexible Scheduling

You may register from 1-5 days a week.  Choosing more days provides you a discount and allows your child to benefit as a stronger member of our community. Transportation is provided to our studio at no extra cost.   Our 15 passenger van is fully insured and driven by the Director of the program who confirms all children are safely buckled (families may provide boosters – those with backs are recommended.)


Rate Chart

  • Fees are per day, pick-up depends on time of dismissal.
  • Wednesday counts as 2 days as it is early dismissal.

1 day/week         $33/day

2 days/week       $31/day

3 days/week       $28/day

    4 days/week       $25/day    

5 days/week       $22/day


Kids ‘N Dance Classes, 50% OFF!

Tuition for classes taken during after school enrichment hours are 50% off. Register 

separately for our award winning classes.



One month’s registration is held.  It will be applied to cover the cost of the last month of your last session, providing 30 days notice has been given. Without notice, deposit is not refundable. Notice is not required for the last session of the school year.


Due Dates 

Payment is due by the 3rd day of each month,  after which a $10 penalty per day will be applied for 4 days.  Failure to pay by the seventh day of the month will result in dismissal from the program with no deposit refund.




3369 Mt. Diablo, Lafayette, CA 94549
Lafayette Studio (925) 284-7388

3840 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland, Ca 94619
Oakland Studio (510) 531-4400


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